kunju (innie_darling) wrote in sherlock_remix,

the even more final countdown + a word about anonymous posting

Or should I just have said the final-er countdown?

In any case, I am waiting for TEN more stories from NINE more remixers (yes, one of you has both a regular and a pinch-hit to turn in by the end of the day). We are SO CLOSE, you guys! If you've got a bonus remix ready to submit, now is the time!

And the stories have been so very good and I cannot wait to post them and see them get all the comments they deserve.

Here's how the next day or so will play out. Assuming I get all of the remixes as scheduled, I will begin posting the remixes anonymously tomorrow evening (NYC time). The remixes will be posted alphabetically by recipient. Please do not start responding to comments (even anonymously) on the remix(es) you've created until I edit the posts to add in the names of the remixers, betas, and Britpickers. (If you'd like to track comments on your remix(es) by clicking the pushpin button at the top of the entry, though, feel free to do so.)

35 / 45

plus seven bonus remixes!

42 / 45

plus eight bonus remixes!
Tags: *admin*, challenge: bonus round, challenge: round two

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