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for AJHall: "Off-side coupling reins, width 3/4 inch"
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
innie_darling wrote in sherlock_remix
Original Author: AJHall

Original Story Title: Rigging screws, size 1 3/8 inch, galvanised

Original Story Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/193527/chapters/284906
Original Story Pairings: None

Original Story Rating: Teen

Original Story Warnings: Author chose not to warn

Remix Story Title: Off-side coupling reins, width 3/4 inch

Remix Author: pendrecarc
Remix Beta: non-fandom
Remix Britpicker: non-fandom
Remix Story Pairings: None

Remix Story Rating: General

Remix Story Warnings: None

Off-side coupling reins, width 3/4 inchCollapse )

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This really sounds so authentic, with Watson arguing for a woman's importance and casually noting his own danger. And the reference to "Solitary Cyclist," another story with a strong female character - brilliant!

That was one of the stories I read to refresh my grasp on the voice, and great fun it was, too. Thank you so much for organising this!

What an awesome remix, and such a skillful translation to another century. Loved it!

Thank you! It was tremendous fun to write.