March 11th, 2012

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Mandatory Check-in Post!

Hi, everybody!

This is the post for the mandatory check-in for the main challenge of this year's sherlock_remix! If you - author or pinch-hitter - have been assigned a remix, you must leave a comment on this post indicating whether you will be able to complete the assignment. This post applies to the remixes for the main challenge only - don't worry about checking in on bonus remixes. You have until Saturday, March 17 to leave your comment.

(There are several people who have already turned in their main-challenge remixes. They do not need to check in. They are: AJHall, coloredink, f_m_r_l, lady_ganesh, martinius, sc010f, tsuki_no_hana, unovis, and yalublyutebya. Thank you!)

All you need to do is indicate whether you will be able to email me your completed remix fic of at least 500 words that has been betaed and Britpicked by Friday, March 30.

Thank you!

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