February 16th, 2014

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input needed

Hi, everybody!

The poll I put up a few weeks ago will close in the near future, so pipe up if you want to vote in it. It looks like we will be having a fourth round after all, and I'll open sign-ups as soon as I've got some stuff sorted out.

One of the questions I'd like input on is how best to get to your preferences. Last year's sign-ups asked what relationships you wanted to work with, which ones you wanted to avoid, and what content you wanted to avoid. You can see last year's language below, in blue.

Relationships I Would Like To Remix: Indicate here what relationships you'd like to work with for this challenge. You can include romantic/sexual relationships (indicate these with a slash) and familial/friendship (indicate these with a plus). Do not use portmanteau names - "MorMor" could mean Jim Moriarty and his brother (also named James!); just list each character by name. If all of your relationships have pluses, that tells me you want to work only with gen fics. (Be aware of what you're listing, though, and be specific; if you write "John/any female character," you can be matched with John/Harry or John/Mrs. Hudson.) If you really are up for working with anything, as some brave souls were last year, you can say "any" and you will have made my year.
Relationships I Do Not Want To Remix: You can be a little more general here, as long as you do not contradict what you've listed above. (If you wrote "John/any female character" for the previous list, you cannot qualify it here by saying "except John/Harry or John/Mrs. Hudson.") By general, I mean you do not have to list every possible pairing if there are characters you simply do not want to remix: you can list "Moriarty/anyone" if you don't want to write Moriarty in a romantic/sexual relationship or "Moriarty+anyone" if you don't want to write Moriarty in a family or friendship relationship. While this list may be general, it also needs to be complete – if you do not want to be matched on incest fics, you need to list "incest" for the next question but also indicate that preference here: you may list "John/any Watson" or "Sherlock/any Holmes" to do so.
I Should Not Be Matched on Stories with These Warnings: [non-con, dub-con, a/b/o, bdsm, self-harm, suicide, graphic violence, phys abuse, ment abuse, maj char death, torture, incest, underage] The warnings listed here are the ones voted on by the community. Please do not add others to this list. Simply delete the ones that do not concern you.

My question now is, should any of this language be changed? Are there other content notes you'd like listed (such as polyamory or genderswap)? Is there a simpler way of listing relationships? What would make this easier for you, and easier for me to match you?