May 7th, 2014

simple story, exit pursued by a bear, shakespeare, nerdery

mandatory check-in

Hi, everybody!

This post will remain open for comments for one week - if you've signed up for the challenge as a remixer, you must leave a comment on this post by 10 pm EST on May 14.

Please only answer yes or no. If your answer is yes, we'll expect your remix on or before June 1. If your answer is no, we'll request a pinch-hitter to cover your assignment. This post is going up now, but you have a week to gauge your progress and determine whether you'll be able to finish your assignment.

Two reminders: (1) all the information you need about how to submit your remix is in this post, and (2) if you have signed up for this challenge in any capacity - as a beta, as a pinch-hitter, as a remixer - you are welcome to nominate one of your fics to be remixed in the bonus round here.

Last but not least, I'd like to welcome my new co-mod unovis, who will be shouldering the work while I'm off on a jaunt.

(radialarch, you don't need to comment on this post - thanks for submitting your remix early!)