May 25th, 2014

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that looming deadline & anonymous posting

Hey, remixers!

The deadline for turning in your betaed and Britpicked stories (regular remixes, pinch-hits, and bonus remixes) is in one week. All the information you need to turn in your story is in this post (scroll down to item #6).

There will be no retold challenge this year.

I will be collecting and acknowledging the submissions through Thursday, and on Friday I fly out of the country; I'll be gone for just over one week and will not have reliable access to my email. My two co-mods unovis and nox_candida will be handling things here from that point (please only use the address, not their personal addresses and or lj IMs). That means that they'll also be doing the anonymous posting, so here's a reminder about the etiquette on that. Please do not start responding to comments (even anonymously) on the remix(es) you've created until a mod edits the posts to add in the names of the remixers, betas, and Britpickers. (If you'd like to track comments on your remix(es) by clicking the pushpin button at the top of the entry, though, feel free to do so.)

Thanks, and keep those remixes rolling in!