June 19th, 2014

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Master list for Sherlock Remix round four

Authors have now been revealed and their names added to their works. Please feel free to reply to comments on your remixes and to repost. 
The remix collection for this community on AO3 is Sherlock Remix and the tag is "Sherlock Remix."

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A few statistics for this round:
There were 28 total remixes (27 regular and 1 Bonus). We had 4 pinch-hits, 2 of which were pinch-hits for pinch-hits. We are stupendously grateful for the pinch-hit team! A range of pairings were represented--Sherlock/John appeared most often with 10 (including "implied"), almost matched by 9 Gen stories without pairings (including friendships); 3 stories featured Sally Donovan, including Sally/Molly (the only f/f, I believe); there were  4 Lestrade/Sherlock, 3 John/Lestrade/Sherlock, 2 John/Lestrade implied, and 1 Lestrade/Sarah; John/Mary appeared in 2 stories; and there were a sprinkling of other single-appearance pairings, including Mycroft/Sherlock, Mycroft/John, John/Moran, Sherlock/Victor, and Sherlock/Irene. Did I miss anything?

As mentioned elsewhere, we've had a fantastic collection of remixes this round, of outstanding quality and inventiveness. Remixing is a challenge and an art. There's a lot here for readers to enjoy and writers to be proud of. Our profound thanks also to betas and britpickers for their contributions. persiflager in particular has been generous with her time and expertise. 

If any corrections need to be made, please let us know.
Thank you everyone.