February 15th, 2015

cheeky monkey, i just adore him, there really is a thought process, all this and talent too

trumpet fanfare, please

Hi, everybody!

I come bearing very good news!

I've gotten a few pokes asking if this challenge would be running again this year, and I knew I wasn't up for it, but the mods who rescued me halfway through last year's challenge have come through again in a big way. This comm is now being run by the lovely unovis and nox_candida, and they're planning to get the ball rolling soonish. Based on their stellar work last year and the conversations we've had and just, you know, seeing them around the fandom, I know you're in good hands. So please welcome your official new Sherlock Remix Mods!

If you need to, you can reach them at sherlockremixmod AT gmail DOT com, but maybe let them settle in first before asking lots of questions?

Bowing out,