February 17th, 2015

Sherlock S&J Looking @ Each Other

Hello and Welcome!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to take another opportunity to thank innie_darling for all the wonderful work she’s done in setting up and running this challenge for four straight rounds. I can’t thank her enough personally for making this the challenge I most looked forward to and made sure never to miss. Thank you, innie_darling!

Now, for those curious about the fifth round, unovis and I are happy to have some information for you. This is the current schedule of dates that we’re considering:
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Prior to our main challenge, we’re considering a mini-round in March to end in early April. This would be more of a lightning round and would not be anonymous, with participants either offering up their chosen fics for others to remix, or all participants writing on the same theme or trope. We want to gauge interest for this, so please feel free to respond to this post or email us and let us know if you’d be interested in participating! If there’s enough interest, you’ll be seeing future posts with more details.

Also forthcoming are a couple of points in which we need community feedback. Since we’ll be running this challenge from the beginning for the first time, we want to know how the community feels about certain elements of the challenge and its rules. We will have some posts coming in the near future with polls and discussion questions that we hope will provide us with valuable feedback, and will get you excited about the upcoming round!

One of our goals is to expand participation in the challenge and to make participation easier and more user-friendly, perhaps through using other platforms to promote the challenge, make announcements, or even to host the challenge. Any suggestions or feedback on how to do so would be very welcome.

We’re both very excited about this challenge and this community and we hope that you are, too. The both of us are extremely aware that this challenge runs because of the amazing work that the authors who participate do, and it’s really important to us that you all have a say in how this challenge operates. Please feel free to leave us feedback, comments, or questions to this post or you can email us at sherlockremixmod@gmail.com.

Thank you!