February 22nd, 2015

Sherlock S&J Looking @ Each Other

Sherlock Remix Tumblr!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update to officially invite everyone to check out our new tumblr, sherlockremix.tumblr.com. The tumblr will primarily be used to mirror announcements and other important information from the main comm for people who prefer tumblr or use it more frequently. Please follow us!

I also wanted to take a quick moment to reiterate what unovis said in the comments to the last post, specifically regarding whether we plan to change the hosting format. We have no plans to do so at this time; we’re primarily interested in looking at ways to reach a wider audience—both to participate and to appreciate the really high quality work that this challenge generates. We will continue to explore this and other ideas, but we always welcome feedback. You can contact us by email, PM, or through commenting. Please feel free to do so at any time, especially if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to express or have us address.

Thank you!
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Quick Challenge: interest and feedback

Hi, all.

We've mentioned the possibility of a quick remix challenge with signups in March and posting in April. This post is to gauge interest in the challenge, and to get your feedback on some aspects of it. We figure we'd need at least 10 participants, ideally, to make this worthwhile and interesting. The poll at the end will tell us if we can hit that number.

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OK. Here's the poll.

Poll #2000690 Mini-Challenge

Would you participate in this quick remix challenge?

Depends (expand in comments)

Thanks for reading through all that! We look forward to your comments.