February 24th, 2015

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Poll on mandatory content statements

ETA: The original poll in this entry didn't work, and wouldn't let us see results. I'm re-creating it in a new post. Please retake it, so we can count your votes.
Link to the new poll

For all upcoming remix rounds, we wanted to consult members again for our mandatory content warnings--Do Not Match Me With This list, used during sign-ups. For convenience, hereafter we're referring to this as The List.
(See these previous discussions and poll: http://sherlock-remix.livejournal.com/32576.html; poll: http://sherlock-remix.livejournal.com/32960.html; see how this worked with the last round's sign-up post: http://sherlock-remix.livejournal.com/47960.html)
Please note: We know that content on the list is actively sought out and enjoyed by many readers or viewers. "Deeply disturbing" is in the eye of the beholder. The List was created by members' request, primarily to make for better and more harmonious matches.

This is how the mandatory List is used: all participants, on the 5–10 works that they’re offering in their sign-up post, must label those stories in the sign-up post with any applicable content from The List. All participants will need to specify in their sign-up posts any content from The List that they don’t want to be matched with. Choose not to warn, in this instance, is not an option.

As requested and composed by members of the community, The List was created to alert remixers to potentially deeply disturbing content. It's not supposed to cover other elements that remixers would not prefer to read or to remix – we’ll talk about those notes elsewhere. When assigning remixees, we’ll do our best, but as with pairings, we’re going with the majority of content from the works in the sign-ups only. We can’t make any guarantees for other work by participants that’s eligible for remix but not listed in the sign-up post, which might contain items from The List.

Discussion is welcome in comments. Anyone unable to take the poll for any reason may vote in comments. Anonymous commenting is permitted.