February 28th, 2015

Sherlock S&J Running

Quick Round Challenge Rules and Sign Ups!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Sherlock Remix Quick Round!

Quick Round Dates

Sign Ups Open:
March 1st
Sign Ups Close: March 8th
Participant Master List Posted: March 9th
Participants Email Requests: March 10th - March 12th
Assignments Sent Out: March 14th
Posting Begins: April 2nd
Posting Complete: April 10th

What’s new/different about this round?

1. This is not a gift exchange.

This is not new or different, but it's worth reiterating. You, as a remixer, are not writing fic for someone else; you're taking another author's words, characters, and story and adding your own unique spin to it. Just be mindful that the same is true of the person remixing you. This sort of challenge is not for everyone and we encourage you to think carefully about the risks and rewards before signing up. That said, this is supposed to be fun, and you won’t be penalized for enjoying yourself.

2. This round is not anonymous.

Unlike previous rounds, this quick round will not be anonymous. Assignments will be emailed to participants, but the full list will be posted as an entry to the community and mentioned on tumblr.

3. This round is open to all Sherlock Holmes universes, not just Sherlock BBC.

Also unlike previous rounds, stories set in ACD Canon, the Downey films, Elementary, and other Sherlock Holmes verses are eligible to be nominated. Please keep in mind that previous rounds have been restricted to Sherlock BBC and that a majority of the participants are likely to have only written in that verse.

4. This is a no penalty, no pinch-hit round.

Due to the quick timeline of this round, there is no penalty for dropping out and there will be no pinch-hitting. We will not be checking up on you this time, though we would certainly appreciate an email if you won't be able to finish.

5. No LJ required.

This challenge is open to all, including those whose primary fandom presence is on a platform other than LJ.

6. Post when you’re done.

Posting will begin on April 2nd and will end April 10th. Members of the community will be able to post their own remixes to the community; if you wish to post your own fic, you must join the LJ community. Those who do not have an LJ will email their remix to the mods for posting. There are no assigned days or times; you can post when you’ve finished your fic. As always, we strongly recommend and encourage you to have it Beta read and Britpicked before posting.

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Please use the following templates for your sign up:

Box A

Box B

If you have any questions or need something clarified, you can email the mods at sherlockremixmod@gmail.com or comment to the Questions/Comments/Help entry. Please do not use this entry for questions. This entry is for sign ups only.

Please feel free to spread the word--the more participants, the merrier! Have fun and happy remixing!