March 8th, 2015

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Last day for sign up

This is the last call for sign ups for the Quick Round Challenge. So far, we have 12 participants, mostly offering Sherlock BBC but with a sprinkling of other 'verses.

Sign ups close today at midnight, EST (9 pm PST; 5 am, GMT).
This is a quick round with specific changes to past procedures.
All 'verses of Sherlock Holmes are eligible for the challenge.
Remixers need only 3 eligible stories to participate. 
Posting will begin April 2.

Sign up post with rules and information is here.
Come join us! From a quick look at the offerings, this round should be both challenging and fun.
Sherlock JW B&W

Quick Round Signs Up Closed!

Sign Ups Are Now Closed!

For our participants, you will receive acknowledgement to your entry in the next few minutes. Please stay tuned for the full list of participants, which will be posted as a separate entry to the community and to tumblr.

Once the list is posted at 8AM Eastern Time, you will have time to look over it and decide on the three authors you'd like to request as your assignment, and the one author you can optionally choose not to be matched with. Beginning at 12AM Eastern Time March 10th, you may email the mods with your choices. When you email, please use the subject: Quick Round Request - YOUR USERNAME.

If you would like to, please rank your choices and your optional Do Not Match With. If you have no preference, you may say so in your email.

You have until 11:59PM Eastern time on March 12th to get your requests in; if your request is not received by that point, the mods will assume that you don't plan to participate.

Assignments will be sent out and posted by 11:59PM Easter time March 14th.

If you have any questions, let us know by email or in comments.

Thank you!