April 29th, 2015

Sherlock S&J Running

Quick Round Feedback Request

Hi Everyone!

First of all, thank you once again to those who participated in the quick round! We really appreciate all of the hard work that was put in to fics we received and we hope that everyone who participated had fun.

Now we'd really like to hear back from everyone--participant or not--on how the challenge went. What did you like? What didn't you like? What can we as mods do better next time? What changes worked and which didn't? For the Quick Round, we attempted a few new rules and procedures and we'd specifically like to have feedback on the new things we tried.

1. Did you like the unanon format, or do you prefer the anonymous posting?
2. How did you feel about the sign up procedure (i.e. nominating 3 fics and having some say in who you were assigned)? Did you like only some parts of it and not others, or did you like/dislike the whole process?
3. Did you feel like you had enough time, or should we have allowed more writing time?
4. How did you feel about how much time we allowed for posting? Was it too much or not enough?
5. Did you like posting your own fic?
6. How did you feel about the option to remix the verse a fic was set in?
7. Did you like the fact that the round was no fault and no pinch hitters were called in?
8. Anything else?

These are just meant to be starting points, but please feel free to mention anything else that I may have missed. We really want to hear back from people on what they like and what they feel could be improved, so please let us know what you think (even if you didn't participate this time). And if you don't feel comfortable commenting to this entry, you can always email us at sherlockremixmod@gmail.com with your thoughts.

Last piece of business is that the revised Fifth Round Dates will be going up shortly, so stay tuned for that!
Sherlock JW B&W

Revised Dates for Round Five

Hello Everyone!

Here are our revised final dates for Round Five of Sherlock Remix:

Signups open: May 12
Signups close: May 22
Assignments out: June 3
Optional Check In: July 14
Mandatory Check In: August 14
Remixes Due: September 14
Posting Begins: September 21
Posting Ends: September 28
Reveals: October 4

Please feel free to spread the word!

As always, if you have any questions or comments (or feedback) you can comment to this entry or email us at sherlockremixmod@gmail.com.