May 12th, 2015

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Signup Post for Round Five coming

Hi, all!

Signups were to open officially today, but we're a little behind in writing up the post. It will go up either later tonight or earliest tomorrow morning.
Start sharpening your pencils and scanning your eligible fic. We'll be asking for a minimum of 5 eligible stories to be listed in your signup comment.

Anyone without an LJ account can leave an "anonymous" comment to the post and fill out the form the same as everyone else.

While you're waiting, you might want to check out remixers_lounge, a community set up by Remix Redux. Most of the posts relate specifically to that challenge, but the tag on remixing gathers posts that deal with remixing in general (writing, reading, titling) and with specific remixing issues. Their rules are slightly different from ours, but the gist is the same. Remix Redux is on AO3 now, and the current challenge, Remix Redux 15, is open for signup through Sunday, May 17.
Of course, we want you to play here with us, but if you like remixing in general, other fandoms are available there.
Sherlock JW B&W

Round Five: Challenge Rules and Sign Up Post

Hi everyone and welcome to the fifth round of Sherlock Remix!

As a reminder, here are the dates for the challenge:

Signups Open: May 12
Signups Close: May 22
Assignments Out: June 3
Optional Check In: July 14
Mandatory Check In: August 14
Remixes Due: September 14
Posting Begins: September 21
Posting Ends: September 28
Reveals: October 4

1. This is a challenge, not a gift exchange.

This is not new or different, but it's worth reiterating. You, as a remixer, are not writing fic for someone else; you're taking another author's words, characters, and story and adding your own unique spin to it. Just be mindful that the same is true of the person remixing you. This sort of challenge is not for everyone and we encourage you to think carefully about the risks and rewards before signing up. That said, this is supposed to be fun, and you won’t be penalized for enjoying yourself.

2. As in previous rounds, pairings cannot be changed.

You can choose to focus on, evolve, or downplay certain pairings/relationships, but you cannot take a fic that is Sherlock/Lestrade and John+Mrs. Hudson and change it into Sherlock/John.

Think about this carefully if you choose to change the verse: you must keep the same pairing. You may use the same characters as they appear in the changed verse (e.g., if the original fic is BBC verse Sherlock/Mrs. Hudson, the the remix can have Sherlock/Mrs. Hudson as they are written in ACD canon) or you may transplant the characters and their unique personalities from the original to the different verse (e.g., Sherlock/Mycroft in their BBC personas may appear in the Victorian era of ACD or Jeremy Brett verse).

3. All Sherlock Holmes-related verses are eligible. The verse is an element open to remix.

Stories set in ACD Canon, the Downey films, Elementary, and other Sherlock Holmes verses are eligible for remix. Please keep in mind that previous rounds have been restricted to Sherlock BBC and that a majority of the participants are likely to have only written in that verse. You may change the verse, but see above about maintaining pairings.

4. As in previous rounds, this challenge is anonymous.

Once you receive your assignment, we ask that you not discuss it with anyone other than your beta/Britpicker.

5. No LJ required.

As in the quick round, you do not need to be a member of the community or have an LJ. This challenge is open to all, including those whose primary fandom presence is on a platform other than LJ.

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Have fun, everyone! And don’t forget, questions, comments and feedback can be emailed to the mods at or in the comments to this entry.