May 24th, 2015

Sherlock S&J Looking @ Each Other

Round Five Sign Ups Closed!

Sign ups for Round Five are now closed.

For our participants, we will be responding to and acknowledging the sign ups later this morning. Also, the master list of participants will be posted by the end of the day.

Assignments will be made by June 3rd and you will be asked in the email to acknowledge that you have received your assignment.

Please remember that, unlike the quick round, this round is anonymous and participants will not be asked to submit matching requests.

As always, please comment or email us with any questions.

Thank you!
Sherlock JW B&W

Round Five Participant Master List

Hey Everyone!

Here is the master list of participants for the Fifth Round!


30percent - Sign Up
alltoseek - Sign Up
blueonblue - Sign Up
carenejeans - Sign Up
cherrytide - Sign Up
dioscureantwins - Sign Up
hiddenlacuna - Sign Up
kedgeree11 - Sign Up
keerawa - Sign Up
kestrel337 - Sign Up
lindentreeisle - Sign Up
neurotoxia - Sign Up
nox_candida - Sign Up
sherlockian4evr - Sign Up
tiltedsyllogism - Sign Up
unovis - Sign Up
xfdryad - Sign Up

Beta Readers
alltoseek - Sign Up
dioscureantwins - Sign Up
sherlockian4evr - Sign Up
thesmallhobbit - Sign Up

Pinch Hitters

For this round, we have 17 participants. unovis and I are really excited for this round and we hope you are, too! Please feel free to email us or comment here with any questions or comments.