June 6th, 2015

SH remix
  • unovis

Requests and discussion

First, we have not received answers to some of the Round Five assignments sent on June 1. If the assignments aren't acknowledged, we may have to look at pinch hitters for those remixers.

Second, we'd like to ask that previous remixes, where possible, be posted on AO3 and added to the Sherlock Remix community there. Four of the remixes for the Quick Round were never connected to the community on AO3, and a number of works written for earlier challenges were never posted or linked as well.

We're excited that a Sherlock remix story along with the fic it was based on will have a chance to be discussed on the community reading221b. The community and discussions are locked, so you must join in order to participate. Normally, fics for discussion are nominated and then voted on, and a winner in each category is discussed (see the community for more detailed information). Nomination posts should open next week, according to the announcement here. We've had so many wonderful works created here that this is a rare opportunity for a group discussion of one in depth, for remixers and readers alike. Look through back posts, pick your favorites, and join in!