June 17th, 2015

  • unovis

Remix nominations schedule for Reading221b

The Sherlock fic discussion community, reading221b, will be taking nominations for a discussion of a remix, announced here with the schedule for nominations, voting, and discussion here. The community is members-only, so you must join to read or participate. Nominations for remixes will take place on June 22 to 28. After nominations are made and seconded, a vote will  be held to pick the remix and original for discussion. Members who nominate a remix/original must also lead the discussion.

Although our community is only for challenges, so far, we have a good number of members in common with reading221b, and we're working in cooperation with them for this opportunity. We're also open to your suggestions for expanding the role of this community.

ETA: The discussion comm primarily links to the Sherlock Remix community on AO3, rather than fic posted here. A lot of remixes were never archived on AO3, though we'd like to see everything eventually archived there. If you want to bring a favorite remix to others' attention, feel free to mention it in a comment to this post.