July 1st, 2015

SH remix
  • unovis

Reading 221b remix discussion vote

As previously mentioned, reading221b, a discussion comm for Sherlock fic, will be hosting a discussion of a Sherlock remix fic and the story it was based on. The remix will be chosen by popular vote, by members, in a poll up through Saturday, July 4.

The remixes that were nominated and seconded, eligible for the poll, are: Intimate Knowledge, by tiltedsyllogism (remix of Murder Will Out, by keerawa); An Impossible Shape: The Triangular Geometry of Flawed Hearts, by alltoseek (remix of three stories from Not Your Average Threesome 'Verse, by thirdbird_fic); The Beemaster's Pattern, by tazlet (remix of Honey-bees, come build in the empty house, by coloredink); and No Bed Is Narrow, by innie_darling (remix of Winter's Delights by kate_lear).

Voting is here. You must be a member of that comm to participate.