September 29th, 2015

Sherlock JW B&W

Thank You and Anonymous Master List

And that's it, everyone! Another round complete, and what an excellent one it was! I want to thank everyone who participated, and the wonderful people we have leaving comments for everyone.

A couple of things. First, a reminder: this challenge is still anonymous! We will be posting reveals on Sunday, October 4. Until then, please don't spill the beans. Once reveals are posted, however, please feel free to post far and wide, and make sure you add your work to the Sherlock Remix AO3 Collection!

Also, a last reminder to check out all the wonderful fics we had this round. In aid of that, here's a master list of all the anonymous works and the fics that they remixed:

Remix of 30percent: Big Game Hunting | original fic: If on a winter's night
Remix of alltoseek: Losing a Home (The Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer Remix) | original fic: Finding a Home
Remix of blueonblue: From What I've Tasted of Desire | original fic: Sherlock and the Queen of Winter
Remix of carenejeans: Immolation | original fic: Hearts and Flowers Stuff
Remix of cherrytide: Do Your Research Part 1, Part 2 | original fic: Proxy
Remix of dioscureantwins: Quality Street | original fic: Clothes Make the Man
Remix of hiddenlacuna: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime | original fic: Who Was That Masked Man?
Remix of kedgeree11: Celestial Navigation | original fic: One Night's Morning
Remix of keerawa: Ummm... | original fic: Umami
Remix of kestrel337: By Any Other Name | original fic: G is for...
Remix of lindentreeisle: Lifeblood | original fic: Swallow You Whole
Remix of neurotoxia: Deepen the Mystery | original fic: nothing is more serious than pleasure
Remix of nox_candida: Here Be Dragons | original fic: All of My Maps Have Been Overthrown
Remix of sherlockian4evr: Nine Lives and Counting | original fic: Haughty, Demanding and Finicky
Remix of tiltedsyllogism: A Study in Sweetness | original fic: A Study in Potato Pancakes
Remix of unovis: Talking in Bed | original fic: The Bastard's Back
Remix of xfdryad: Best Served with Tea | original fic: Stars Above a Wine-Dark Sea

Please don't forget to leave a comment for remixes and remixed fics.

Thank you again to everyone for yet another successful round of Sherlock Remix! I know everyone worked hard and it really shows. All of you authors did a magnificent job!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know by email or leaving us a comment