November 7th, 2016

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  • unovis

Round Six Remix Reveal

Hey Everyone!

Here is the master list of works for round six. Over the next 24 hours, we will be working on editing the posts to include all of the redacted information, but please feel free to reply to comments on your remixes and to repost. Also, don't forget to add your work to the Sherlock Remix AO3 Collection!

For this round, to date, we are missing two remixes, for work by  cleflink and for dioscureantwins. We will post those remixes, unanonymously, as soon as we can. Our apologies for the delay, and our appreciation for your patience and good will!

Round Six Remixes and Authors:

Any Port in a Storm by dioscureantwins : Remix of Stars Above a Wine-Dark Sea by xfdryad

Doe Si Do by unovis :  Remix of A Lagomorph in Baker Street by pipmer1

Keep Them Closer by tiltedsyllogism : Remix of  A Friend in Need by nox_candida

Lifeline by ficklepig : Remix of Rebound by tiltedsyllogism

The Macallan 1926 by xfdryad : Remix of  Best Seat in the House  by socklife

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by pipmer1 : Remix of  Bedtime Stories by unovis

The Onlooker Sees More of the Game by thesmallhobbit : Remix of  Tiny, jumper-wearing, rage machine by keerawa

True North by cleflink : Remix of Spin Glass by tazlet

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and commented! If you notice any errors, please let us know.