kunju (innie_darling) wrote in sherlock_remix,

posting for round two done!

I'm pretty sure I posted all of the fics - you guys were productive! Please do let me know if something isn't showing up properly or if anything went wrong somewhere. Thanks to all of you who wrote a remix!

ETA: Sorry, I meant to say: if all goes according to plan, I will edit the posts to add in the names of authors, betas, and Britpickers next weekend. I'll also be putting up a master list of all the submissions. At that point (and not before), you're welcome to repost the remix(es) you wrote in your own journal, at AO3, etc. You'll also be able to add your fic(s) to the Sherlock_Remix collection at AO3 if you so choose.

ETA AGAIN: Ugh, just realized I'd left out one last fic. Apologies to the two authors whose work got tacked on at the end of this. That's what I get for posting while sick.
Tags: *admin*, challenge: bonus round, challenge: round two

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