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Check-in and Bonus Round

Hi, everybody!

We've got nearly a month until the mandatory check-in, so I thought we could do an optional check-in now. We'll also use this post for bonus round sign-ups.

(1) OPTIONAL CHECK-IN [for Authors only]

If your name appears on any of the three lists in this post, you are eligible to play in the Bonus Round!

The bonus round is a chance for you to nominate one of your own stories that you'd like to see remixed. That's it. You sign up and people following this comm will see your nomination and might choose to remix your story. There is no guarantee that your story will be remixed by anybody. Alternately, your story might be remixed by a number of remixers. (Once you nominate your story, you cannot change your mind, so choose wisely.)

The story you choose is completely up to you - it can be any fic that is set in or crosses over with any version of Sherlock Holmes. That means you can request that your Elementary or Great Mouse Detective fic be remixed, or you can stick with a Sherlock fic. The only story you cannot choose is one that is (a) a remix of someone else's work or (b) co-authored.

Remixing: You may write a Bonus Round remix for any participating author, and there is no limit on the number of Bonus Round remixes you can write. As with remixes for the main challenge, Bonus Round stories must be at least 500 words, betaed and Britpicked. Please send me (at sherlockremixmod@gmail.com) a separate Word file (.doc or .docx) for each Bonus Round remix with all HTML formatting indicated in the file. (That means, if you want a word to be italicized in your story, don't italicize it in the Word file - show me that you want to italicize it by putting in the proper coding (without the spaces): < i > italicized word < / i >.) Your file should be named in this format: your name_bonus_original author's name (omit any hyphens or underscores in the names). Within your file, you should have this heading (and please do not delete any lines - just say "none" or "N/A" as appropriate):

Bonus remixes are due on the same date as main remixes. I will strip out all info on bonus authors, betas, and Britpickers when I post all of the bonus remixes anonymously. I will add all of that information back in once I make the reveals.

I really enjoyed the Retold Challenge that was introduced last year, but there were few participants. The idea was that a summary would be provided (last year's was "There's an intruder in 221B") and you could write a fic that matched that summary. Let me know in a comment if you would like to see that ancillary challenge run again, and if you have any suggestions as to what the summary should be.

That's all for now, folks! Thanks, and I hope everyone's having a great time remixing!
Tags: *admin*, challenge: bonus3, challenge: retold2, challenge: round four

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