Unovis (unovis) wrote in sherlock_remix,

On leaving comments

ETA: innie_darling has changed the settings to allow comments by non-members. The problem was frequent attacks of spam. Thanks for your interest and your patience!

It appears that comments to posts in this comm are restricted to members at present. The interim mods, myself and nox_candida, can't change that. We can approve requests for membership, once we check that the LJ account isn't a spammer.

I'm sorry, we weren't aware of this default setting.

After the authors' names are revealed, remixes should be available elsewhere, including AO3 in the Sherlock Remix community.

On Wednesday, innie_darling, the comm maintainer, will be back. She's put a tremendous amount of thoughtful work into this challenge from the beginning, and we thank her for it.
Tags: *admin*

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