nox_candida (nox_candida) wrote in sherlock_remix,

That's All Folks!

I wanted to give a quick apology for how late the last two fics were posted. I had a bit of a RL emergency (nothing serious), but it took time and caused the delay. I'm sorry!

So, that's it, posting is done. If you haven't already, please read all of the absolutely fantastic fics that were submitted this time around. Truly, the quality this year was amazing and everyone who participated should be very proud of yourselves. Next, I wanted to thank my interim co-mod unovis and our fearless leader innie_darling for all they've done. unovis was absolutely on top of the game the whole time, innie_darling is epic and wonderful, and I had a ton of fun helping out with this.

Next, we had a request to have a guessing post during the anonymous posting phase. This is that post! Please feel free to use the comments to take a stab at who wrote what.

Again, please take the opportunity to read the wonderful fics we had this time around and also give some love to the original authors while you're at it.

Last reminder is that reveals and the master list will be up in about a week. As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the remix mod email account:

Thanks everyone!
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