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Questions, Comments, Help, Et al.
Sherlock S&J Running
nox_candida wrote in sherlock_remix
Hey everyone!

Have questions for us? Want to comment on the direction the community and the challenge is going? Need our help with something?

You can always email us at sherlockremixmod@gmail.com, but if that doesn't work, then this is the post for you! Ask/comment away!

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It's not new or different that this isn't a gift exchange. That's been the first statement in previous sign up posts for Sherlock Remix challenges.

For the Quick Round, since it's open to all SH verses: if someone gets a Sherlock fic to remix, can she remix it as an Elementary fic or artwork?

We hope that for this particular challenge, we can match remixers with the authors they request (we'll have to add 'verse to the templates), so the 'verses should match.

Honestly, this is a tough question, worth debating, because it involves potentially changing characters along with changing the setting/'verse. We discussed this earlier, and said a cautious "yes," curious to see what people ended up doing.

As Unovis said, we had discussions about this and came up with a cautious yes. We want to see if people will even do it or not.

To your question about changing the medium (from fic to art or from art to fic) that is also a cautious yes.

Are there any limitations on elements that can or cannot be changed for remixing purposes, or do the usual remix rules apply - no changes to universe, pairing or plot?

Well, see above for universe, which can present problems concerning characters. But no changes to pairings (they can be backgrounded or they can evolve), and no to completely changing the essential plot. That said, plot can be hard to define.

One of the posts had said authors could offer 3-5 stories to be remixed, but the sign-up post seems to indicate that it needs to be exactly 3. Could I ask for clarification?

Hi there!

It's 3. Originally, we talked about having more offered up but ultimately decided on three.

Hope that helps! :)

So, I had two ideas. Could I write TWO remixes of the same story? I'm thinking one over 1000 words, and a separate 221b. (And if the answer is no, for this challenge, nox_candida, since I'm remixing your story, would you be open to considering it after the challenge is over?)

Sure, feel free to write more than one remix. That sounds great!

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