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FIC: "An Unspeakable Matter" for gloria_scott!

Original Author: gloria_scott
Original Story Title: "Perception"
Original Story Link: http://gloria-scott.livejournal.com/2480.html
Original Story Pairings, if any: none
Original Story Rating: G
Original Story Warnings, if any: none
Remix Author: shellystark
Remix Story Title: "An Unspeakable Matter"
Remix Story Pairings, if any: none
Remix Story Rating: G
Remix Story Warnings, if any: none
Remix Story Beta: not_a_cypher

"An Unspeakable Matter"

Holmes was well aware of Watson’s impending issue, more so than any other being would ever be. He had been patiently awaiting its arrival since the early telltale signs of the changing weather billowed in the dreary skies hanging over 221B Baker Street. Holmes could already tell Mother Earth would be hard on Watson this year. Winter was only in its first few weeks and already the air was suddenly making drastic day to day changes. If Holmes didn’t know any better, he would have thought the Goddess enjoyed bringing pain and suffering to his dear friend.

The barely noticeable twitch of the lip Watson made with each slow and careful step he took only confirmed his suspicions. Not that he had ever doubted himself on the matter. Holmes had already taken it upon himself to make sure Mrs. Hudson had his beloved doctor’s breakfast and tea prepared and set by the time he trudged down the stairs. Seventeen steps would be hard enough on the old boy, no need to make him suffer any longer.

Watson took his usual place at the table opposite Holmes. With his cane gripped firmly in his grasp, he sighed. His tired eyes slipped closed for a few aching moments. The once crystal clear blue hue of his eyes has vanished and was now replaced by a dull grey; weak, dull, tired, line-ridden eyes, which held a sadness in them as they prepared for the long insufferable days and nights to come.

Semiconsciously, Watson ran his hand down his misbehaving war wound and idly pushed the food around on his plate. Holmes smiled softly and nodded.

The two of them ate their meal and sat in comfortable silence. Words needed not be exchanged for it was not the first, nor the last time things such as this would occur. The two of them had danced this dance before, each time almost the same as the last. Holmes taking care of the veteran as he saw fit, and Watson ever grateful for the life-long friend that he acquired.

Holmes rose from his seat, brushing off his hands on his trousers after dropping his newspaper in the center of the table.

“Sit this one out, Old Cock. I am more than capable of handling myself for a few days.”

“Holmes, you have a hard enough time taking tea with out me,” his companion argued.

The detective chuckled briefly to himself and patted his friend on the shoulder before ascending the stairs that led to his room.

Watson let his head rest in his hand, soothingly rubbing at his temples. He let out a soft groan as he reached down and massaged deep circles into the sore spot in his leg. Clearing his throat, he glanced at the discarded paper in front of him. The corners of his lips involuntarily turned upward at the sight of the agony column that was ever so casually left to be in his view.

“Quite right, Mother Hen,” Watson whispered to himself. “Quite right indeed.”

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Tags: challenge: round one, fanwork: fic, gloria_scott, pairing: none (gen), rated: g, shellystark, verse: acd
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